Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Inoculate Your Soul

"A cheerful heart is good medicine."
                                  (Proverbs 17:22)

I hate needles.

Not just sort of dislike the things, I mean really, really, hate them to the point that they make me a bit queasy. Whenever one of the babies needs a shot of some sort, Daddy usually has to take them because, for the life of me, I can't help but squirm and grimace as much as they do. And as much as I hate them, I do my best to keep current on my own preventive medicine and keep the kids up to date on theirs.

I'll never forget the year that all of us got the flu shot. All of us except my husband, that is.

I didn't think much of it until sometime in the midst of the grays of an Alaskan January when he was struck by the flu bugs of all flu bugs. Suddenly I understood why the flu is such a big deal for vulnerable populations (say, the elderly or the very young). Poor Patrick lost 20 pounds and a few days' worth of memory that winter and while I braced and held my breath for the sickness to make its way through the rest of us (five!), it never did. The flu shot had done it's job that year. (Praise Jesus!)

I think a close relationship with Jesus and a general happy outlook on life is a lot like that flu shot. While vaccines protest us from nasty infections, a joyful heart deeply rooted in the Father protects us from many burdens of the soul the enemy would be more than happy to heap on us.

Have you taken a moment today to inoculate yourself against fear, anxiety, or frustration?

It doesn't have to be an eloquent prayer that goes through four rounds of edits, either. A simple "thanks" for the sunshine, or your children's laughter, or even just a few beautifully quiet moments you found for yourself.

A quiet moment with our Heavenly Father can be the difference between a day worth living and a day that goes down the drain in no time.

Say a quick prayer of Thanksgiving and bask in the glow of His love and protection. And don't forget to wear your best smile today. They're contagious.

...happy, happy....

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