Saturday, January 4, 2014

Not Every Other Tuesday...Rejoice Always

"Rejoice in the Lord always."
                     Phil. 4:4

It's not that I ever make a conscious decision to NOT rejoice in God. That's just silly.

But some days (more days than I'm proud to admit) it's the cut off notice on the counter that makes the most noise. Or maybe my youngest has decided to cut tooth #2,176 (what is she? part shark?) Or what about the morning my truck had a flat tire I didn't plan on? (Do you ever plan for those?)

Rejoicing isn't always easy, especially when you lose sight of what's above and concentrate on what's around and what's going wrong.

But the scripture is clear when it reminds us to rejoice in the lord always. Not twice a week. Not when you finally finish that novel. Not when you get all your bills paid off. Not when you've had more sleep.

It's pretty clear that keeping your mind open and focused on the glory of God is 24/7/365 sort of job. One with the greatest of benefits and pension plans.

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